At Community Hope Center, Jesus is the center of our celebration and joy, and our desire is to bless parents by helping them provide a wonderful Christmas to their children. Community Hope Center solicits toy donations from the community, and the community responds with incredible generosity with toys of all kinds – dolls, Legos, transformers, princesses and Barbies, baby rattles, cars and trucks, books, games, sporting equipment, stuffed animals, even stocking stuffers and wrapping paper!

Christmas toys are distributed by appointment only, so that we can best serve the parents when they come to pick up their children’s toys.

There is a separate registration process for the Christmas toy giveaway. This means that individuals who are clients of CHC must register each year for Christmas toys. This also means that parents who are not CHC clients can register their children to receive Christmas toys.

Registration occurs VERY EARLY, typically in October, so please keep an eye on CHC’s calendar for the registration dates. This helps us ensure that children of the same age receive an equal number of toys.

You will need documentation that verifies your address, the social security numbers of yourself and your children, and verification of your household’s income.